Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today I woke up late,
Julee didn't make me lunch,
I crashed on my scooter right in front of the school,
Didn't understand what was going on in lecture,
Had to do a group project with a worthless partner,
It took me 5 tries to get one good impression,
Missed class,
Went to a routine dental appointment and now need a root canal,
Julee accidentally locked me out of the apartment,
And now...
My tooth hurts.


MattJohn and JuleeBug said...

I am glad to see nobody cares about me.

Mr. Belvedeere said...

ya, going to the dentist sucks

Angela and Kevin Reese said...

Poor Matt John. It is your Horrible no good very bad day.....remember that book? Some days are just like that.

Suspension Bridges said...

That sounds like a totally rotten day. I have to say though I stopped making Justin lunch a long time ago. Maybe she is just breaking you in or rather shoving you into a new duty.

NatureGirl said...

MJ--This too shall pass. And believe it or not, you will miss it!