Tuesday, April 14, 2009

About Carlee

So we have discovered a couple of things about little Carlee:
1. Her coordination is under development but she some how manages to quite often flip Mommy off while she is eating.
2. She likes to pee pee after her diaper is removed and she is all wiped. She had her first blow out. It was a bad one and then to top it off, she shot pee out and up all over herself as Daddy was cleaning her!
3. She likes a Binky but struggles to get the concept just yet.
4. She demands to eat when she is ready only to fall asleep shortly thereafter and take her sweet time at each meal.
5. Sometimes she squeaks and sounds more like a little furry animal than a baby.
6. She can sleep through anything, even the vacuum:)
7. When she is well fed, well rested, and has a clean bottom she sure is adorable!


Cyrie said...

She gives you the bird while she is eating? Sassy girl. I can already tell that I am her favorite aunt.

NatureGirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NatureGirl said...

Ha ha ha! Good one Cyrie. How about a favorite Great Aunt--is that still up for grabs? Holy cow, I am old! She is the cutest!!!!

PS I only deleted the other comment for a spelling error--it was really bugging me...