Saturday, April 18, 2009


This is our lame, tired, half hearted attempt at coloring Easter eggs...It's just not quite the same when your 26/28 as when you were 10/12. Maybe in a few years when Carlee is old enough it will be fun again:)

Matt's mom and dad use to hide the kid's Easter baskets in the house. After finding the baskets, they would head out and look for the eggs. Matt (I mean, the Easter Bunny) hid an Easter basket for me, filled with yummy candy. I looked for it while he was at took me about that long to find it;)

Matt's Mother was here last week playing Grandma to Carlee, nurse to Julee, and chef to Matt. Thanks Grandma Nielsen for all your help; we love and appreciate you!

We checked out a park on the upper east side we used to live by and laughed at how different it is than where we live now.

Matt didn't get to see very much of his mom, but before we took her to the airport we went to Liberty State Park and enjoyed the awesome view...well, all of us but Carlee:(


Angela and Kevin Reese said...

So, where did Matt hide the basket?

Pincocks said...

Our new neice is soooo cute. We can't wait to see her in a few weeks.

Pincocks said...

Hey Aunt Julee,
Carlee looks sooo cute I can't wait to see you in a few weeks.