Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas post coming soon but first this little tid bit:

Carlee has been having some pooping issues lately. Not that she can't poop, no, in fact quite the contrary. We woke up one morning last week to poop all over in her Pack n' Play, her dolls, her p.j.s and herself. "Good morning Mom and Dad!" Several days later at church she looked so pretty in her pink velvet dress...
I am in the Primary room just finishing things up and here come Matt and Carlee. Matt is dangling Carlee in the air in front of him by holding onto her wrists. He is acting a little frantic as he tells me to lift up her dress. Not so pretty in pink anymore. "This is a two man clean up job" he says. We rush to the adjoining room with a burrowed changing pad and use up every single wet wipe we have plus several others from the same sympathetic and well prepared friend who so graciously let us use her changing pad as well. Did we finish the job unscathed you ask? No. We both got poop on our hands in the process. It was gross. How can someone so adorable do that? I still can't believe how much dodo there was up her back and in her dress. Sometimes those diapers do their jobs and other times I don't know what good they do at all! Good thing we love her. Did our parents do this for us???
(We thought you would appriciate no photos on this post!)

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Amber said...

Hey Cous, bet you didn't know I read your blog faithfully! This just makes me laugh as we had and have the same problem with our kids...it doesn't get better, but a little unknown secret to getting the poop stains out that nothing else will...the sun! Wash the onesie as normal, then lay it in the sun to dry...the poop literally disappears...I'm not sure where it goes, but it totally works! Sounds like you guys are doing well. Have a great day!