Thursday, January 28, 2010


I walk out of the bathroom for a few minutes and walk back in to find this

Her rubber shower toys in the toilet...eeeks!

Anyway, we have gotten her a few new toys lately to keep up with her need to have something new to explore...and mostly chew on.

A mini shopping cart for her to practice walking with and later in life to help Mommy at the grocery store--Big Fun Toys, Hoboken

Tunnel tent to have fun crawling through and playing peek-a-boo--side walk give away

Wooden activity block she can stand up to--same side walk give away

Wooden rocking horse she is not quite ready for--craigslist

Wooden kitchen--also craigslist

I thought these were fun Hoboken finds. We only spent $112 for all that stuff.

I am going to be getting my top two teeth soon, ouchies!


Emily said...

Wow, way to go on the toy shopping! Carlee looks very pleased.

Monson Family II said...

Brooklyn is going to have to come over and play! hehe! Every little girl needs a kitchen too! I have the materials to make little felt cookies, you are more than welcome to have them if you want them (to go with her kitchen of course). Just let me know!

Cyrie said...

I just want to squeeze her! I miss her. Oh, and you a little.

Grandma P said...

She is all set to shop - cook - and ride away ito the sunset on her horsey! Fun stuff. The wooden block and tunnel are great too. She is so adorable. I think she is starting to look more like her daddy now. Give her more loves from her Grandma P.

Angela and Kevin Reese said...

Those are great finds. If only Craigslist was that good in Dallas. Spoiled little girl. Next she'll be requesting the car. Just kidding!

Suspension Bridges said...

Finding good deals can take a long time but well worth it especially when you or in this case Carlee enjoys them so much. Thanks again for the gift we love it.