Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Burnt Chops

Sundays are a difficult day at our house. With church at 2:00 and Matt being Young Men's President and me being Primary President, we have to get there at 1:30 and we don't usually get home until 6:00 plus twice a month we have to (I mean, get to) attend Ward Council at 12:00. It is always a scramble to get ready, get lunch, and get out the door. Once we get to church, there isn't much rest either, especially with Carlee now being very vocal. Once we get home from church there also isn't much rest because we are starving, cranky (especially Carlee), and worn out. Dinner is always a challenge. If I don't get something going in the morning that can cook while we are gone to church (which just adds one more thing to have to do before church), then we come home and have to scramble yet again for something to eat. So I try to always plan something. I thought I had this great plan a few Sundays ago: baked beans and pork chops that would cook low and slow while we were gone and we would come home to perfection in the oven. We invited the two people we were giving rides home from church to join us. We walk in the door and it smells kinda good at first but then there was a burnt smell that stung our noses.

Apparently the chops were too thin to be in the oven that long, plus I didn't add enough liquid I don't think. What else could we do but laugh? We fed our guests baked beans and salad...wa, wa, wa.
So I mostly just feel ugly when I am pregnant. I'll just say this, I definitely don't have that pregnancy glow, so I was surprised when I saw this picture Matt took of me. I quite like it. (Am I allowed to say that?)

Matt loves rough housing with Carlee and throwing her in the air. Do you think this time he threw her a little too high?

But look how much she loves it! She has become quite a tough little toddler, definitely not dainty and fragile. And its a good thing I guess!

She is very cute with her dolls however, dragging them around by the hair. No, I'm just kidding. She feeds them, hugs and kisses them, carries them around in their blankets. It is very cute. As is this picture.


Katie said...

That sounds similar to our Sundays! Marathon, right? I love that the time you invite guests over your dinner is destroyed...well I don't love it, but it's pretty funny, after the fact. That picture is darling, and you are a beautiful pregnant lady. :) I'm glad I'm not pregnant with you this time! I think, no I know, if Ryan threw our kids up that high they would flip out...obviously we don't rough house enough!

Cyrie said...

love that carlee appears to be above all the tall buildings when matt is throwing her up in the air... you look super cute in that picture matt took of you.

Jenny & Scott said...

I showed the picture of Matt throughing Carlee. They all so "woooooow". I think that says it all. Watch out Matt, child protective services might me knocking on your door.

Julee, you look totally cute in that picture. Love your haircut.

Angela and Kevin Reese said...

Yummy meat....Matt, you had better be careful (Carlee might grow up to be a dare-devil)...Julee you look beautiful

Suspension Bridges said...

I think you are going to raise a daredevil.

MattJohn JuleeBug and CarleeMarie said...

OK, I know that is really high, that was the first time I did that. She higher than all the buildings in downtown Manahattan. I won't do it again for a couple months. MJ