Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Father's Day Poem

The Best Place to Be

I sit in my bed and hold on to my blankey bear
I sit on the floor and feed my dolly with great care

I sit on the couch and look at picture books
I sit in my high chair and eat whatever Mommy cooks

I sit in my Bumbo seat and watch Sid the Science Kid
I sit on the potty and when I’m through, we close the lid

I sit in the back pack and go this way and that
I sit in the red cart and go to grocery store and launder mat

I sit in my car seat and go here and there
I sit in a swing and the wind blows my hair

I sit in the sand and marvel at the feel
I sit in the bath and go splish splash with my toys and just chill

I sit in the grass and bask in the sun
I sit in the pool and have lots of fun

I sit in strollers and eat snacks from the cup holders
But the best place to sit is on Daddy’s shoulders!

Love Carlee (and Mom)

I made this poem into sort of like a little scrapbook with pictures accompanying each line. I think he liked it!

1 comment:

Emily said...

You are so talented at writing things in poems. I think that is such a great gift!