Monday, May 14, 2012

Good Times

We have had tons of fun lately! First, I took the girls and went to my brothers in Denver because Matt had something going on several nights in a row. We stayed for several days and then I left the girls with my sister-in-law and Matt and I went to Breckenridge with some awesome friends of ours and stayed in their condo and the next morning we hiked up Mt. Quandary.  It was very cool.  Then we got home just in time to unpack, repack and take off for a fun little trip to Utah for my brother Jordi's wedding.  We made the trip into a little vacation with some really fun stops along the way.  

First stop was the Great Sand Dunes National Park where we camped and then got up and tried to enjoy this amazing place.  It was super windy which made it a little tricky to really enjoy it, but we sure tried anyway!

Matt found a little spot where the wind wasn't so bad and the girls really enjoyed it.

That afternoon, the girls were so worn out.  We have this video of Carlee falling asleep in her car seat while trying to eat her sandwich.  It is hilarious.  As we drove through Pagosa Springs we decided to stop and check out the hot springs that my sister Angie and her hubbby have been to.  It ended up being so much fun.  There was something like 15 different hot springs at different temperatures and we just hopped around and tried just about all of them.   

We were there so long that we decided we better just get a room, order pizza, and crash in a nice soft bed.  It was a good idea.  Nothing like being exhausted from pure fun!

The next day we headed on to Mesa Verde National Park.  It is a bizarre place, very neat to visit though.  It really gets you wondering what the heck was going on that made these people build these dwellings where they did.

Carlee enjoyed climbing the ladders all by herself and impressing everyone with her total lack of fear.

We camped that night in the park.  I love campfires and toasty marshmallows so much and so did the girls!  Matt took such good care of us while camping.  Thanks Matt!
Although we did kinda sort of run out of water...but then Dani found some in the squirt bottle!  We need a bigger tent before we camp next time.

Our  last stop before Price was a quick one at this arch on US-191.  Oh, I lied; we made another stop for ice cream too.

The next day was the big one for my little brother Jordi.  Here he is with Jaylene, his beautiful bride walking out of the Manti Temple as husband and wife forrrreeeevveeeerr!

These three awesome shots I stole from my lovely sister Cyrie's blog.  I must tell you all that I broke out in the worst colds sores EVER (from the top of my nose down to my lips) two days before the wedding.  Boy am I glad I wasn't the bride!  Thankfully you can't really see them too bad in the photos. 

Her colors yellow and gray were so cute.  My mom made the girl's dresses with matching purses!

We had fun all being together after the wedding.  Pincocks and Motorcycles just go together!

There was a super moon one night and Matt took this photo of it.  Incredible thing.

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