Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hope Your Birthday Was Wonderful Mom!

I wish we could have been doing this together on your birthday instead of being on opposite sides of the country! I miss you and can't wait for you to come back!

Oh, and I missed another sweet picture of Cyrie! (See the next post and you'll understand)

Here are some fun pictures

Hey, what are those scriptures teaching you? She is still flipping us off! (She must be learning it from her dad.)

Yikes! Carlee's first snotty nose.

Dad proudly preparing for the Dental Board Exam and trying to squeeze some Carlee time in there as well.

It is kinda a boring video but it shows how she is grabbing for stuff now.


Angela and Kevin Reese said...

She's so cute. I love the scripture picture. Did Matt stage that?

NatureGirl said...

Very cute you guys!

MattJohn JuleeBug and CarleeMarie said...

I put the ctriptures on her lap but she gave us the bird all by herself.

Joe'n'Jess said...

Hey Julie. This is Joseph Whitehead from price. I just found your blog through michelle and TJ. That is awesome your husband is in dental school. I am in my second year of dental school at the university of iowa. hurray for teeth. your baby is cute. my wife and i have 20 mo old twin boys.

Joe'n'Jess said...
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Anonymous said...

Julee! I've been replying to your emails but somehow you're not getting them?! How is that happening? Very weird. I'm going to write you from the business email - so keep an eye out so I don't go into junkmail! Laura :)