Monday, August 3, 2009

A Wonderful Life

Carlee was finally blessed in the Jersey City Second Ward on August 2nd by her Dad and fellow Priesthood holders and friends from the ward. It was a beautiful blessing. Her white cotton dress is from Baby Gap, a gift from her Aunt Angela. We were a little worried about what her reaction to the blessing might be because she is four months old. We planned it out just perfectly (even wrote out a schedule)so she was fast asleep during the blessing...phew! Carlee is eating rice cereal once a day or so. It is nasty stuff! She can roll from back to front and vise versa. Tummy time is so fun. She is such a good sleeper. She is becoming very vocal and so entertaining! She kicks and splashes in the bath tub and seems love it. She really is a bundle of joy, not to mention so incredibly fun to dress each day!

Matt has a big board test on August 26th so he has been studying every spare moment inbetween clinic and everything else. He has been studying at the church (I have a key due to my calling) because it is quiet, close to home and distraction free. It has been nasty weather here, hot and humid. It was 100% humidity one day last week, according to the news. Yuck! We recently got a Costco membership and it is now our favorite place to shop. We watched a movie called "The Visitor." It was sad but good. Check it out:, you would like it.) The next best thing to having our own garden is a Farmer's Market. There is one every Wednesday at Journal Square. Last Wednesday I got all kinds of yummy stuff including a strawberry rubarb pie and some yummy bread! Hope you all are enjoying your summer!


Cyrie said...

She is getting so big! I love her cute smile. I wish we could have come for the blessing.

Suspension Bridges said...

Does she have red hair? It is hard to tell in the pictures. She reminds me so much of your whole family. It is fun to see your little girl grow.

Grandma P said...

I have never seen a little girl as cute as Carlee Marie Nielsen!!! I love her happy faces and her "what the heck?" look when she is concentrating. Her mom sure dresses her up cute! She looked like an angel on her blessing day.

Monson Family II said...

I love the picture of Carlie on the blanket- she looks like she is concerned with what it looks like! It is so funny!

Angela and Kevin Reese said...

Carlee is so big. What a wonderful day to bless your baby. She is so sweet. What a wonderful and beautiful baby.

Kellie Glade said...

What a cutie you have on your hands! She already looks like she has grown so much, since we saw her.

Raegan has that same ladybug dress. I love all the darling outfits! Aren't girls so much fun :)

Yummy!!! I love going to the Farmer Markets...since my garden is still a work in progress. Can't beat fresh produce.

I'm sure her blessing day was so special. She looked like an angel in that beautiful dress!