Sunday, August 16, 2009

Looky What I Made

I made this mobil for Calree to look at out of colorful yarn balls, shinny wrappers, buttons, bows, and googely eyes. We put it in the door frames and it looks cool when it spins around. It keeps her interested for a minute or two! Is it cool or kinda scary lookin'? Anyways...

I also got to make some yummy strawberry freezer jam this past week with a friend. Thanks Tamara!

I have been trying to not neglect making nice meals for dinner. This week I made some pretty yummy stuff. I made Angie's Pampered Chef recipe for Penne Al Fresco, Mom's recipe for Black Bean Medley (Quesadillas)and Salsa Cruda, and Carol's recipe for pork and bean enchiladas. Today I am using Mom's recipe Magnificent Meatballs; I've got the sweet and sour meatball mixture in the good ol' crock pot! Thanks for the recipes everyone! Cyrie, I'll have to try making your blueberry oat loaf sometime! Happy cooking and eating everyone.

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Cyrie said...

I love the mobil. What a great idea. I wish I could eat some of that jam!