Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Incredible Journey

Carlee turned one years old today. Matt summed it up well I thought when he said: "Well, Carlee has come so far [pause] and has so far to go." I must say the first year of Carlee's life had been a truly incredible journey in so many ways. I mean, going from 5 pounds 9 ounces to 20 pounds is quite an accomplishment all on its own, don't you think? Because Matt was gone from sun up to way past down today, we are going to do the 'celebrating' tomorrow, but I tried to make her day special and fun. I have been reflecting and these are my reflections.

What Carlee really needs as birthday gifts are:
1. A pillow permanently attached to her cute behind because she is learning to walk and constantly crashing down on it.
2. A bumper pad attached to her forehead to protect it from anymore bruises!
3. And a mouth guard to protect her lovely lips from her sharp new teeth when she looses her balance.

Carlee has developed a brave and feisty bit of personality, but at the same time is lovable and sensitive. She is on the go and thus hates being restrained in her high chair. She has been a pretty good sport about trying table food. We share a bowl of oatmeal with milk, brown sugar, blueberries and sometimes bananas too just about every morning. So far she doesn't want anything to do with canned Spaghettio's but loves canned green beans, oh, and thin mint girl scout cookies too.

Other things Carlee loves are the dish rag, getting into the fridge, turning the pages on her books, chewing on binkis (not sucking on them), getting into the shower, bouncing up and down on her diapered butt when she hears music, hugging her stuffed animals, her daddy, handing mommy everything, watching cartoons on pbs and her bed and soft pink blankey bear.

I love Carlee! We will post pictures of our celebrating...after we celebrate!


Lulu said...

what a cutie! happy bday carlee!

Elisa said...

Happy B-day Carlee! I can't believe your baby is already one. My Xander will be 2 this July. They don't stay babies for very long. The bruises will eventually lessen.

Shannon Thornton said...

Happy 1st Birthday Carlee! Cant wait to see you again!