Saturday, March 13, 2010


So for spring break Julee and I needed to visit family and at the same time had a hankering to go to the middle of no where; we decided to kill two birds with one stone by heading to Taos, NM to visit Brad and Angie (Julee's sister). (For those other family members out there that we have not visited lately sorry, your turn will come.)

Some interesting facts I learned over the trip: Santa-Fe is the the second oldest town in the US. Taos is close by and is also very old. This Church is made of adobe and is very old.

In Taos there is the Pueblo Indian reservation where they have a pueblo that is currently lived in, and has been for over a thousand years.

The last thing I learned was that Carlee loves to hang out with the boys! She sure loves her cousins.

Angie and Brad were excellent hosts, if you get a chance to stay at their house,take it! I give hotel Higdon a five star rating. Thanks!

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Angela and Kevin Reese said...

Looks like a fun trip. Kev and I want to try out taos too. Maybe next year.