Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hairs Cut Part III

Okay, I threw the hair cutting scissors away so I can't do it ever again!


Molly said...

Julee, take them out of the trash! It makes us all laugh and she is little so it doesn't matter. Next time add some layers and it will look just fine!

The Pincocks from Price said...

I think you better get them back out and continue to use them while you can. You will find that she doesn't care what you do to her hair - yet! You can throw them away again later when she won't let you touch her hair . . . and before she starts practicing on Dani's hair! Girls are so fun.

Kellie Glade said...

What cuties!!! We all have had a bad haircut...I never knew what to do with my girls hair...I look at pictures and just laugh. So take lots of pictures so you can laugh about it later. Practice makes perfect so like Molly said...take them our out of the trash. Hair grows and it will fast. Love you guys!