Friday, February 18, 2011

Hearts and Flowers in February

Daddy's favorite valentine treat

Carlee's valentine breakfast: pink heart pancakes with flax seeds and wheat germ inside and raspberry jam outside

Carlee's valentine

She got to check out her loot in her high chair while she awaited breakfast

Matt randomly bought a bulb at the grocery store about a month ago, planted it and placed it on top of the microwave to get direct sun. We watched that thing grow so tall so quickly and then about three days before Valentines Day it revealed one of it's gorgeous flowers. A few days later we had four of those flowers to marvel at. Then we woke up the day after Valentine's Day and found the whole thing on the floor. It was so sad. Carlee found it and came in our room to try and tell us what she found. We tried to salvage it but the flowers died. Boo hoo but what a beauty it was!

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The Pincocks from Price said...

That flower/orchid? is so beautiful. Your Valentine decor and special treats and gifts look like a lot of love being shared! You have a lucky family Julee:)