Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hairs Cut Part II

Look, I was just trying to even up her hair a bit, make it look less scraggly... or something. But it did turn out looking a little bit like you know who...I'm sorry Carlee!!! Whatev.

While I am posting I have something I'd like share. Last night a received a phone call from U.S. Bank in Rexburg, Idaho. It was the most pleasant conversation and left me smiling, inside and out. I felt like I was talking to my Grandma. Seriously. She simply called to tell me that I have a zero balance in my account with them and that it is going to be closing because there has been no activity for a LONG time; she wanted to make sure that was what I wanted. But before she got to that, she told me who she was and sincerely ask me how I was doing. Then she told me why she was calling and then asked if we were still living in New Jersey (not exactly sure how she new that...). Anyway, she mentioned how that is a long ways from "home" and she asked me if I like it. I said, "no, no I really don't." She was concerned and really wanted us to make it back there. She asked about why we are in New Jersey and wished us the best of luck, several times. I truly felt that woman's charity (as in Christlike love). It was incredible considering who it was coming from: a stranger who works at a bank in Idaho, yet I could feel her sincere love for mankind I guess. She really wanted the very best for us even though she doesn't even know us and will never talk to me again. The truth is if I had gotten a call from a bank in New Jersey for the same purpose...well, lets just say, the feeling would have been much different. I just thought this was incredible and it makes me want to live in a small town in the West again someday even more!


Emily said...

What a great experience! I will think of that story now when I talk to people, because I want to be like her :)

The Pincocks from Price said...

Go Idaho! All people born in or who have lived in Idaho are just . . . better somehow!