Thursday, April 14, 2011

Half a Year, 65 Degrees, and Claiming What is Yours to Claim

Danilyn had her 6 month check up. She weighed in at 18 lbs putting her in the 75th to 95th percentile, same as her head circumference. However, her length is 25 inches which puts her at the 25th to 50th percentile. Short and stout, that's how we make em'...except Carlee wasn't really stout at 6 months. She was 25 inches long too but under 15 lbs, but she seems to be running a little short and stout at 24 months:) As soon as Matt gets the picture and video onto the computer that I want to post I will. In the mean time, something funny happened at the park today. It was 65 degrees, that is not the funny part (that is the fabulous part). Carlee and I were digging in some dirt with sticks at the base of a tree while Dani was swinging near by. A little boy decided to push Dani in the swing. When Carlee looked up and saw this she abruptly yelled, yes yelled, "MY SISSY!" very sternly and with her best grumpy look ever. It took some coaxing to convince her that it was alright if he pushed Dani too. I told her they could take turns pushing her. She gradually decided that was OK. It hit me then how important Dani is to Carlee and what a big part of her life she is. I hope she stays this protective of her all her life:o) Watch out boys, Dani has her own personal body guard!


The Pincocks from Price said...

Absolutely precious!

ElisaJane said...

She is a cute little chubber! I love chubby babies. Wesley was 18lbs too at 6 months. He is already almost 9 months and I think he has slowed so much he has barely gained a few ounces since then. I just hope he's gotten taller. Anyways, that is really precious that Carlee is so protective of her sister.