Friday, April 1, 2011


Carlee and I have been reading this book below that we checked out from the Hoboken library. It is about this sock monster that steals socks (it is an explanation for why so many socks lose their mate). It is a cute book. Carlee loves the picture of the little girl, Maja, putting on her sock and then pulling it off and having Flusi, the monster, biting her toe. We desperately needed to get out of the house so I decided we would go to Michael's Craft and buy some stuff to make our own sock monsters. We had fun at Michael's. Carlee was too little just yet to be able to help with the cutting or hot gluing but she was still excited to be making sock monsters to put in Daddy's slippers. She couldn't stop talking gibberish about it and carrying his slippers around. Our sock monsters were made out of warm fuzzies (pom poms), felt, and googly eyes. Ours are not the bite-your-toe kind of monsters, but rather the tickle-your-toe kind! When daddy finally arrived home we ask him to hurry and put his slippers on before he even took off his coat. He played the part well and really made Carlee giggle. It was super fun. So if you come to our house, watch out, you might end up with a sock monster...(in your shoe)! Heehee.


cyrie said...

your a cute mama.

Molly said...

So cute...You are awesome way to be creative!