Sunday, April 17, 2011

Snot Nosed Kids

I have some videos I would love to share with you guys but they just won't upload...too long maybe? Bummer. One is of Dani in the Jumping Jack (it is so cool to see her jump in that thing), and the other is one of Carlee blowing on Dani's fat belly making very loud sounds that just make you giggle. Sorry we can't share but here is a picture of Dani in the Jumping Jack with green goo hanging from both nostrils: Yum. Here is Carlee at the same age with the same green goo coming from one nostril. Man, it must stink not being able to blow your own nose and having to rely on mom or dad to wipe it when instead, they take pictures of it! Carlee playing with the sticky Easter decorations in the window: These are the only two pictures that we took on our family trip to the circus and Gettysburg... Nice one eh?


Molly said...

Oh how I love Carlee and Dani! Miss them! Can't wait for June! or sooner depending on when you guys move.

Jenny & Scott said...

Jack thinks it's cool that you met mater! So fun

Emily said...

Nice Mater impression ;)